SAR - premium partner of ACRON

Data is the lifeblood in every automated system. They form the basis for all logging, analysis and verification of quality and are thus the foundation for all company operations.

ACRON - The Plant Chronicler

ACRON takes care of your data:
  • long term archiving
  • evaluation and analysis of historical data
  • comfortable logging
  • document proof, plant-wide, cross-system
SAR was officially nominated by ViDEC, a software specialist for automation and information technology, as ACRON Premium Partner.
Premium partners are companies who have proven extensive know-how about ACRON and have already successful completed several large projects.

Experienced in power plant technology

SAR applied its specialized knowledge several times acquired by MIS (Management Information Systems) especially in the field of power plant technology. Many ACRON interfaces for commercially available process control systems have been implemented by SAR.

Perfect implementation in your business

SAR, a specialist in process automation and visualization, is in a perfect position to implement ACRON into your business, because understanding a process is the basis for an efficient representation in MIS.
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