Weisswurst meets green tires at TIRE EXPO 2017

SAR Group exhibited two automated cells at the Tire Expo in Hannover in February 2017 - both are based on the same technology but they couldn't be more different.
The challenge was to showcase these technologies, used in tire automation, from SAR's core automation business areas and help visitors get to know them better.

Automated components for modular cell structure

SAR presented the necessary automated components to the visitors: TIA portal, robotics including custom hooks, 3D cameras, conveyor technology, in-house developed spray nozzles and process data management.
Many customers and interested parties immediately caught on to the idea that the tire spray cell and the Weisswurst / Weissbier cell are based on the same modular technology.

Tires or beer?

The end products of these two automated lines are either high-performance tires for the car and vehicle industry or, much more appetising, sausages, mustard, pretzels and beer. Almost all the visitors at the fair, at least, preferred the latter tasty treats.

High investment security

SAR therefore not only illustrated how simply and reliably the automated components can be used in various customer segments, but also showed visitors that compact systems with modular expansion options represent high investment security.
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video of the Bavarian Weisswurst Robot II
Bavarian Weisswurst Robot II