Automatica 2018 - Afterthoughts

Once again, SAR was one of over 800 exhibitors at the Munich Automatica, the leading trade fair for automation and robotics, in June.
In particular, the automation solutions for e-mobility, digitalization and agile production processes had generated enthusiasm among the visitors to the booth of SAR Group.


With ima-tec, SAR Group will not only offer automation solutions for micro-injection moulding as a supplement to the established core business of plastics automation in the future, but has also expanded its service portfolio primarily for e-mobility in the areas of circuit-board finishing and optical measurement.

TECCAD Engineering

Also TECCAD Engineering with its focus on die-casting automation, components design and manual workstations for small-batch production met the obvious trend of the trade fair towards a digital and increasingly mobile world of automation.


In relation to synergies for SAR customers, this was especially evident in view of the newly introduced MES modules for the plastics and die-casting industry. These modules enhance the sar@mes system that had previously been developed primarily for the automotive sector. As a result, small and medium-size companies will now also benefit from the process knowledge and scalable software solutions for automation.
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The SAR booth shortly before opening...

...and "in action"

Our SAR Weisswurst Robot v2 is always an eye-catcher

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