Automation of the production of highly complex plastic components for injection molding at Borscheid+Wenig

Borscheid+Wenig offers as international operating industrial plant for plastic processing a wide range which includes the production of individual components to complete assembly.

Due to increasing order numbers, variance of components and process complexity Borscheid+Wenig decided to automate processes on injection molding machines.

Varied components and increasing numbers

The plastic components for the current SUVs by VW and Porsche have many 3 dimensional parts and have a high number of variants. This should be taken into account through the automation of processes on the injection molding machines, the special demands of the production, as well as the rising numbers.

It was necessary to achieve faster cycle times and minimize set-up costs. To handle these requirements, some plants were converted from linear robots to industrial robots. We used jointed-arm robots from KUKA.

An independent tool change

The first project we had installed two jacks in the injection mold. It created a quick sample of the component directly from the pushers. Then, the robot with the part goes to exactly the fixed peripherals and attaches up to eight bolts and then the metal snap nut is attached. After the quality control inspection the finished device is placed on a belt system.

A particular challenge of the process is that a different gripper is needed depending on the variety of the component. A retooling by the staff would cause huge set-up costs. Therefore, the robot changes the gripper independently. The gripper that is no longer needed is put away and another one is taken out of a group of six grippers, depending on a code system.

SAR's scope of supply

  • Planning and implementation of the complete periphery including interfaces for the jointed-arm robot and the grippers
  • Planning and implementation of a gripper exchange station, as well as the different grippers. Automation of an injection molding machine with 6,500 of kN clamping force
  • Automation of a two-component application (soft and hard) on a machine with a clamping force of 1,500 kN
  • Planning and realization of a new project for the insertion of metal rings, the angle and free space must be stored in a precise position and then implemented

Our cumstomer's advantages

  • Significantly shorter open time of the shapes
  • Very high positional accuracy and rigidity in the implementation of cavity one to cavity two
  • Powerful and liquid demolding extract shape movement within the injection mold
  • Significantly less waste, set up times and tool wear
  • Minimizing set-up times and costs
  • Sharp increase in productivity

Satisfied customer

"With the KUKA system partner SAR Elektronic, and specifically with its branch Plastics Systems from Gunzenhausen we have found a reliable partner, who has helped us during all phases of the project with words and deeds", so Carlo Wenig, technical management of Borscheid+Wenig.
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Video of the production line at Borscheid+Wenig






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