Logistics infrastructure at the WtE plant St. Gallen renewed

The waste management office of the Swiss city of St. Gallen operates a waste-to-energy plant where around 75,000 tons of waste from over 40 municipalities and four cantons are thermally treated each year. In addition to its role in the clean, safe and efficient management of waste from the St. Gallen region, the WtE plant is also at the heart of the urban energy concept. In addition to electricity production, a focus is placed on the generation and distribution of district heating.

Project duration from 2014 to 2018

The logistics infrastructure of the waste-to-energy plant St. Gallen was renewed between 2014 - 2018. The main objective of the waste disposal office was to improve customer friendliness, safety and efficiency. The various subprojects, bunker extension with waste handling and packaging, delivery hall with logistics section, transformer station and power distribution have been realized during the last 4 years while operation continued.

Complete electrical and process control systems

As part of this project, SAR Environmental technology was responsible for the planning and execution of the complete electrical and process control scope: The construction of an ammonia tank farm, bunker gates controller, the integration of crane controls and the baling press, cutter, fire protection system and fire pumps.

The process control system was migrated in advance to the current version, provided with a new access system, and several decentralized operating stations were created. The implementation of the emergency power management system including the integration of a newly built CHP and the implementation of the logistics concept for delivery were also an important achievement.

Crane theater

The successful completion of the project was celebrated as part of an open house day. An imposing crane theater was created for interested groups of visitors which entertainingly presented information about the waste incineration plant St. Gallen.
SAR is proud to have been successfully involved in this major project and for this reason was happy to sponsor the construction of the Krantheater.

A vineyard on the roof

And finally, another special feature: A vineyard was created on the roof of the new logistics hall of the waste incineration plant, which is a contribution to biodiversity and urban gardening. Swiss television aired a short presentation of the vineyard.
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