Automated key production on an injection moulding machine

Schneider Kunststoff Technik GmbH in Kirchheim manufactures technical plastic parts for customers in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, packaging and sensor technology. In addition, the company develops, produces and assembles its own products.

Focus on energy efficiency

Automation in connection with job security of the qualified employees was the goal with the procurement of new production plants. Schneider Kunststoff Technik, as part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact, focused on energy efficiency and high process stability.

SAR's scope of supply

In addition to an automation cell for water filter production, the SAR Group supplied a second robot solution for automated key production on a Sumitomo DEMAG injection moulding machine. The main task was to separate key blanks via a sorting bowl into 4 cavities each and to make them available in the first step in a position-oriented manner.

The quality of the blanks is checked in advance in this unit - only parts with a defined maximum deflection are allowed to reach the transfer point. The keys are inserted in a defined position on the fixed side of the mould platen and their positions are ensured by the mould.

This is followed by the actual injection moulding process of the key handles. After opening the mold, the overmolded key shafts are removed from the mold and new blanks are inserted into the mold in a defined manner in the same process step. The sprues of all 4 components are punched simultaneously above a shaft - this ensures a short cycle time.

The finished keys are then fed to the component chute via the shortest route. This is mounted above a floor conveyor to save space, so that the transport boxes provided by the worker can be filled without operator for hours.

Space saving

In addition to the energy balance, saving space was a key decision criterion for the integrated SAR solution with an articulated arm robot. As a fixed component, this robot not only ensures the high availability of the entire system, but also the flexibility to actively support the customer's possible modification requests.

2.5 million keys leave Schneider Kunststofftechnik GmbH in a consistent quality and ultimately enable end customers to open and close their individual locks.
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