New gas-fired steam boiler system at DOW Terneuzen

At the end of 2017, SAR was commissioned by Standardkessel Baumgarte to supply the electrical and control technology for a new gas-fired steam generator on the premises of DOW Benelux BV in Terneuzen (Netherlands).

The scope of delivery for SAR included the entire electrical and control technology. Both the electrotechnical components feed-in/ auxiliary transformers, medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage and UPS system, as well as the analogue measurement technology, heat flow measurements and the control technology in PCS7 with the PPL component library were delivered by SAR and handed over to the customer along with the overall system in mid-2020.

Flexible firing: Natural gas, residual gas and hydrogen

The new steam generator is used for steam pressure protection of the steam network - both stationary and dynamic - and can be fired with natural gas as well as with residual gas from production, including hydrogen.

The stationary and dynamic requirements on the steam and firing side and their interaction with the different fuels result in very high demands on the automation technology.

SAR was able to contribute to the successful completion of the project with the use of the PPL component library, suitable automation solutions and final optimisation measures.
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