Long-term project for GSB Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Bayern completed

One of SAR Environmental Technology’s most extensive projects of recent years was successfully completed in winter 2020/21 with the seventh and final conversion phase of the Baar-Ebenhausen hazardous waste incineration plant.

Over 42,000 working hours involved

Since the start of the project in 2017 and the start of the conversion in winter 2017/18, the old Siemens Teleperm-ME system comprising two incineration lines and various ancillary systems (HVAC, compressed air, water treatment) has been replaced by a new PCS7 system, involving over 42,000 working hours.

Three redundant server pairs process the data of 20 type 410-5H automation systems here in a likewise redundant design. Twelve clients were installed to display the operating screens. All computers were run as a virtualisation solution on 3 HP servers.

Pilot project in Germany

The I/O level acts as the new Siemens ET 200SP HA periphery, which was used as a pilot project in this project in close coordination with Siemens product management in Karlsruhe. It is the first time this has been put into operation in Germany.

In the run-up to the respective migration steps, SAR Schaltschrankbau manufactured 25 I/O cabinets with 43 ET 200SP HA stations and 40 patch panels, among other things, implemented via the field connection.

More than 15,000 8-way push-in terminal blocks were installed for the connections to the outside and between the cabinets as a replacement for the existing Termi-Point strips. Around 31000 wire connections had to be laid and connected within the cabinets and patch panels to do this.

Over 80,000 cable cores

During conversion phases, our fitters dismantled the connections in the field and between the cabinets within 3-4 days in each case, installed the new terminal distribution boards and relaid a total of over 80,000 cable cores.

The commissioning team then tested a total of almost 21,000 digital and analogue signals.

Safe and reliable disposal as the primary goal

The successful completion of the project creates the foundations for reliable continued operation of the hazardous waste incineration and the safe and reliable disposal of the Bavarian hazardous waste at GSB, and establishes the basis for the migration of further subareas as well.
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Waste disposal facility in Baar-Ebenhausen (Source: GSB Bayern GmbH)


3D wiring routing in EPLAN


I/O and transmitter cabinet


AS410-5H VA3 line PCS7 controllers

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