Special Mechanical Engineering – measurable factors for your success

Just as we humans constantly assess and evaluate our environment with the aid of our senses in order to act and react in an optimum manner in all situations, production automation in the manufacture of qualitatively sophisticated products must also rely on the feedback provided by measuring technologies.

For this purpose, SAR provides not only individual measuring solutions, but also complex testing systems. In this way, we provide a complete spectrum of solutions to meet any functional, process and quality monitoring requirements.

The bandwidth of our specialized systems, for example, in the automotive industry, ranges from calibration systems for the radar sensors of active speed control systems to fully automatic camber adjustment units.

SAR develops and custombuilds test frames to meet your requirements. From traditional measuring procedures and image processing to specially developed measuring processes – we combine everything to create a meaningful and functional whole entity. For example, our multifunctional test frames for final assembly testing in the automobile and motorcycle industry are qualitatively superior and extremely resilient.

We assure the quality of your process and reduce rejects by means of our innovative measurement process – active thermography. With the aid of this method, we can analyze the condition of a sample in a non-destructive process and evaluate the results in a visual display.

In this case, as in all other fields, our customers from around the globe can rely on our constant quality and high availability.

For further information please contact us at smb@sar.biz

Range of services

  • test and measuring technology
  • vehicle test stands
  • tire technology
  • quality assurance systems
  • process monitoring systems
  • image processing systems
  • service


Manufacture and testing of automotive air conditioning systems

Car air conditioning systems are assembled and tested in so-called FLOWlines. The FLOWlines enable short-term reaction to increased demand through flexible personnel deployment. Production ends with testing in a soundproof booth.

Green Tire - unloading, spraying, loading

A tire spray system for tire manufacturers.

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