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SAR - german for control, automation, control technolgy - was founded in 1985. Since then we have been engaged as general contractors and subcontractors. We can handle all sizes, supply turnkey systems and subsystems. With an owner-managed company like ours, you can rely on quality, reliability and German engineering performance. And, of course, on the personal commitment and sound knowledge of our more than 700 employees, to whom the "SAR Group" has meanwhile grown.

In this way, you always have the advantage of a competent partner for the realization of optimum technical and costeffective automation demands at your side – a partner who also successfully accomplishes even the most complex tasks.

Your success is our business

With our company locations throughout the world, we are always there when our customers need us, for instance, for immediate support and service. You put your trust in a dependable and straightforward partner who shares a common goal: The enduring security of your investments and your competitive advantage.

From the analysis of existing production facilities, conception of the production process and the development of new and custom-tailored solutions, to the provision of ready-to-roll turnkey solutions, we guarantee the highest quality from the first minute on. With our innovative automation, intelligent information technologies, and our unique interdisciplinary engineering expertise, SAR can fulfill almost any requirements set in almost all branches of industry.

At the same time, you can put your trust in the objectivity of a brand-independent enterprise that naturally provides certified system quality in line with ISO 9001 standards.

Health and environment – our responsibility

We understand responsible management as respect for humanity and the protection of our environment. With the knowledge of technical, economic and ecological systems and their interactions, we work actively on the socially reconcilable and environmentally safe utilization of technology. The prime objective of our developments and applications is the sustained improvement of working and living conditions.

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