New fork lift calling system for an automotive manufacturer

SAR has commissioned a new fork lift calling system in the press shop of the BMW factory in Dingolfing.

The need was identified for the development of a slim and efficient system, that was capable of being easily and intuitively operated and thereby creating a very high transparency for all areas involved in a process.

The fork lift call system allows for the easy requesting of a fork lift by any plant operator, to collect or deliver material for their work station. Another requirement that had to be met, was for the use of existing hardware.

User friendly Dashboards

The plant operators are able to see all material required at the various work stations, at once. The material can be assigned to the various work stations individually. All open transport requests are displayed in the lower part of the dashboard. These can be called up by the operator until the job order has been carried out by the fork lift driver.

Advantages of the system

  • Web based application and therefore no installation required on the clients (Plant-PCs, fork truck terminals)
  • Can be implemented on all regular hardware platforms (supplier independent)
  • Neat and friendly, graphical user interface
  • Optimized for the use of touchscreens
  • Diverse data analysing possible (e.g. how much was requested by whom)
  • Interfaces to other systems easily adapted (light curtains, production systems, MFS, etc.)

Successfully in use

The system is in use since August and has been very well accepted by all parties. Further usage possibilities have already been planned by the client. We thank BMW for the very good co-operation throughout the complete project.
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