Production and maintenance support through sar@glasses – safe social distancing during the crisis

The digitisation of the world of work is happening across all sectors. IT managers need to think one step ahead and be open to technological innovations if their company is to continue in a leading position in future markets. That is why SAR is working together with Dynabook and Ubimax on solutions for manufacturing using assisted reality.

Assisted Reality can support system maintenance processes

Save time, money and your nerves by quickly summoning expert support in case of any problems that arise. sar@glasses help you quickly consult experts from other locations during production downtimes, or get step-by-step instructions to guide you through recurring maintenance procedures.

Data glasses as smart helpers in production

Employees can use data glasses to retrieve data at any time to make their tasks easier. The wearer sees additional information from the MES system landscape if required, such as current equipment and order information, or even component recognition and support features in production lines.

Working on an assembly line is monotonous and exhausting for employees, but they still need to keep their concentration levels high at all times. Every delay costs money. In addition, unskilled workers are often employed by temporary employment agencies. Assisted reality gets them up-to-speed with their tasks faster.

Simple step-by-step instructions shown on the display of the monocular data glasses mean the wearer always knows exactly what they need to do. If an unforeseen problem crops up, they can receive immediate, precisely targeted remote assistance – through the integrated hands-free speakerphone function, for example. This saves time, which also saves money on the production line.

Customer benefits through sar@glasses

  • Fast remote support
  • Guidance for workers in work processes
  • Transmits images, sound and documents
  • Long running time, low power consumption and replaceable battery
  • Maintains safety at work
  • Comfortable to wear, uninhibited vision and hands-free
  • Documentation of service calls

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